Causes of DCD

Unfortunately it is not clear what causes DCD. Many individuals with DCD have associated disorders and conditions and it appears that multiple factors may explain the coordination difficulties this group experience.

It has been suggested by the American Psychiatric Association that environmental, genetic and physiological factors all play a role in the development of DCD.

Environmental Factors

  • Mother drinking alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Children born pre term.
  • Children born with low birth weight.

Genetic & Physiological Factors

  • Impairment in neurodevelopmental processes such as visual motor skills.
  • Cerebellar dysfunction.
  • Co-occurrence with other conditions: e.g. ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder.

Once diagnosed with DCD the emphasis is on understanding the condition, developing coping strategies and identifying interventions to improve motor coordination for daily living activities.

Quotes from parents

He plays basketball, but being honest his style is a bit unconventional sort of like an unskilled monkey on the court but his skills have improved enormously.

His running remains like a monkey and giraffe combined but his fitness is awesome, he competes in cross country with the encouragement of his friends and finishes in the middle of the group,

She still will not volunteer to play a sport but she will volunteer to walk to the shops or video library.