The key to managing the motor difficulties associated with DCD are interventions designed to increase opportunities to improve motor skills in an age appropriate and supportive environment. The focus should be on promoting successful participation in activities of daily living.

Research has shown that successful interventions are individualised, and task oriented focussing on particular skills. However success is best measured by transference of skills to activities of daily living. Further, individuals should be encouraged to be physically active to promote both physical and social development. For many, team sports are not be appropriate (perhaps try soccer), therefore individual activities such as swimming or martial arts may be better suited.

Occupational and Physical Therapists

Once other medical conditions have been ruled out, occupational and physical therapists, as well as exercise scientist play an important role in assessing and describing the motor difficulties present, as well as the impact on daily living activities appropriate to age. They can also play a valuable role in determining the most appropriate support strategies and intervention programs for ongoing management.


Improvement through intervention programs may occur over the long term and with persistence. Some grow out of the condition however many experience motor difficulties as adults. For more information about programs available in Western Australia, explore the Programs tab.

Useful Resources

CanChild “Encouraging Participation in Physical Activities for Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder”.

Quotes from parents

I believe my son is now on track to continue with physical activity and fitness into his adult life and that it has become a normal part of life. Prior to AMPitup it was extermely difficult to motivate him to exercise.  He now aspires to have a fit, tones and ‘muscly’ body.

After completing this semester at AMPitup, he now ant to undertake a profession in the health/fitness industry.  He also feel like he is using his left hand more in daily activities. He even now has a bicep muscle in his left arm.