Past Events

SCIENCE ON THE SWAN: Professor Jill Zwicker, key note speaker

Tuesday 1st May, 2018

PUBLIC SEMINAR In Search of Developmental Coordination Disorder: A quest for an under recognised disorder

Monday 21st November, 2017

RESEARCH NETWORK MEETING Developmental Coordination

Thursday 6th November, 2017

PUBLIC SEMINAR Moving for the Future: Living with Developmental Coordination Disorder.

Wednesday 5th November, 2017

Past International DCD Conferences

DCD12: Knowledge into Practice: A lifespan approach, Fremantle, Australia (2017).


Abstracts: DCD12 Book of Abstracts

DCD11: Developmental Coordination Disorder and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A focus on Comorbidity, Toulouse, France (2015).


DCDV: Celebrating the past, anticipating the future, Ouro Preto, Brazil (2013).


DCDIV, Lausanne, Switzerland (2011).


DCDV111, Baltimore, Maryland, USA  (2009).

DCDV11, Melbourne, Australia (2007).

DCDVI, Trieste, Italy (2005).

DCDV, Banff, Canada (2002).

DCDIV, From research to diagnostics and intervention,  Groningen, the Netherlands (1999).

DCDIII, Cardiff, Wales (1997).

DCDII, Leeds, England (1995).

DCDI London, England (1993).

Quotes from parents

Her running style is not the best and she would like to improve it.

She still cannot skip with a rope which causes her embarrassment at school.

He has a goal to participate in a team sport, we have not been able to find anything suitable yet but we think it is  possible in the future if his physical skills keeps improving the way he has been.